‘Hello J-15’: jet-fighters & shopping

China is proud of its new jet fighter, the J-15. A Suzhou shopping center–Emerald City–has a live sized model on exhibit with many festivities surrounding it. The J-15, also called the Flying Shark, made its first landing on the new Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning in 2012. Full scale production began in December 2013.

As a back drop for the J-15 served a large display with a Chinese air craft carrier group. Around the aircraft carrier (the Liaoning) where copies of China’s newest destroyers. The display is indicative of the desire of China to project its power, following the example of the United States.

Much attention was given to children’s activities surrounding the J-15. They could build their own jet fighters and helicopters with lego, or could have their foto taken, emulating the flight deck operators signalling the J-15 to take of. Examples of how to do this were given by–among others–a Smurf and Micky Mouse.







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