Suzhou panoramas

Last Sunday something extraordinary happened: Suzhou had crystal clear skies! A good incentive to explore the surroundings, so I though it would be nice to go cycling to the other side of the city, and maybe go hiking there. I booked a hotel in Suzhou New District–the western counterpart of Suzhou Industrial Park where I live–for one night and off I went!

Normally visibility is limited due to the high humidity and the air pollution. But this day sky was very clear. I brought along my camera to make a few pics of downton Suzhou. Perfect opportunity to try out my good old Pentax lens (Pentax-M 28mm f3.5). It did not disappoint me, great detail! Too bad that the next day was rather cloudy: remnants of a tyfoon that turned into our direction. As with all images here: click on them to load larger ones!


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