Rainy walk at Tianping Mountain

Walking in the rain. This was not what I imagined when visiting the Tianping Mountain temple complex with a colleague. Initially the idea was to visit only the temple complex. It soon emerged that it also contained a small entertainment park (ponies, boats, music stage) and that it was a starting point for an interesting series of walking trails running up the mountain. Continue reading

Pictogram workshop at Tsinghua, Beijing

Me and Zhao Jian

Me and Zhao Jian

Early in 2014, Zhao Jian, head of the Department of Visual Communication Design at Tsinghua University, Beijing, invited me to give a workshop about pictogram design for two weeks. Convenient timing, since the Chinese translation of my book about Dutch visual identity was about to be published too. Continue reading

CAFA Lecture

To my surprise my translator–Mike Liu–arranged for me to give a lecture about my book at the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), Beijing. It is the flagship of Chinese art academies and I felt much obliged. So yesterday I found myself at the entrance of the CAFA School of Design. Continue reading

Cellux & Sellotape cans

Cellux and Sellotape can, ca. 1960s

Cellux and Sellotape can, ca. 1950s

Somewhere in the 1960s my grandfather must have taken home the Cellux can above. I first cast my eyes upon it when I unwrapped my St. Nicolas present last year. It served as a container for the present itself. I have forgotten what the present was but the can is still on view on my cupboard. What an obvious but wonderful idea, a ‘tapetype’ logo for tape! Continue reading