6 Design History Associations

  • Design Associazione Italiana Storici del Design, Italy
  • Design History Foundation, Catalonia
  • Design History Society, United Kingdom
  • Gesellschaft für Designgeschichte, Germany
  • International Committee for Design History and Design Studies, world
  • Stichting Designgeschiedenis Nederland, Nederland
  • Know more? Please say so. I will add them.

    Design history research guide: interviews & archives > tools

    Sometimes design history students miss out on using primary sources, sticking  with known literature. One reason for this is that not all lecturers have the time to discuss practical issues in using primary sources. This is a barrier to effectively carrying out such research and finishing it on time. To aid students I made a Design history research guide: interviews & archives > tools.

    It is a small concise guide–a folded A3 format–that is based upon my own experience in researching design and company history, as well as researching current communication practices. Also it is heavily influenced by my interest in recording and reproducing original source material with an eye for future reuse. It is by no means a finished paper, hence the monicker ‘v1.0’. It is my intention to make more elaborate version in the future. How do you think such a guide should look like?