A PTT lunchbox?


‘PTT’ set in a Univers 55 was the logo that the Dutch State Company for Post and Telecommunications used for over two decades. A tremor of recognition when I encountered this mailbox red lunchbox on the internet.

Initially the PTT-logo in Univers was meant as a temporary replacement for a the real logo proposals. Dutch design agencies Tel Design and Total Design had both been working on a visual identity for the Dutch PTT since 1971. Delays and management changes resulted in a hesitant acceptance of the proposals.

The most important issue was which of the two logo proposals to choose. In the mean time teh PTT already started producing printed matter in the new visual identity typeface, the Univers. When in 1977 the initiative was taken to conclude some of the contractual business between the PTT and the design agencies. It was decided to leave things as they were.

Post.nl ‘seasons’ stamps : good design?

I met this leaf of stamps at my local store. It was love it first sight. Not much of a design, but bright colours and flowers are a weakness of mine. Extra communicative flourishes email can’t buy. Then I read the text: ‘Live the seasons with Seasons: for twenty years the outdoor life style magazine of the Netherlands’. Did I fall in love with an advertisement? Continue reading