Taiwanese edition of ‘A Clear Dream’ published

The Taiwanes edition of ‘A Clear Dream’ on top of the Dutch edition.

The Taiwanes edition of ‘A Clear Dream’ on top of the Dutch edition.

Two weeks ago the Taiwanese edition of my book ‘A Clear Dream’ (Droom van Helderheid) was published as part of the ‘Source series’. It is surprising to see such an interest in Taiwan in the history of Dutch visual identity, modernism and design agencies.

The ‘Source series” is an imprint of Taiwanese designer Wang Zhi-Hong facilitated by Faces Publications. Luckely the print quality of the book seems better then the Chinese edition published last year. It is fascinating to see how Zhi-Hong uses social media to generate interest: the book has already been seen by over 11.000 people on Behance (featured graphic design), and by many more on Tumbler, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The book features a nice cover and a carefully composed layout that to a large degree is based upon the Dutch edition, that was designed by Piet Gerards Ontwerpers. It is not clear whether Zhi-Hong takes note of this.

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Chinese version of ‘A Clear Dream’ published

ChineseDroomBoekBakker-005Yes! Finally the Chinese edition of my book Droom van helderheid : Huisstijlen, ontwerpbureaus en modernisme in Nederland : 1960-1975 (A Clear Dream : Visual Identity, Design Agencies and Modernism in The Netherlands : 1960-1975) is for sale! A large colourful pocket with an interesting print quality to match. Some people asked me, how did that happen, a book in China? Well, with a combination of luck and hard work. Let me explain. Continue reading

Utrecht University turns to Bakker for visual identity advice


Utrecht University (UU)‚ one of the foremost universities in Europe‚ is re-branding itself. In the spring of 2009 the UU began with an investigation of their core brand values. Also a ‘Task Force Visual Identity’ was established to review the university’s visual identity.

In May 2009 Utrecht University approached Wibo Bakker to act as an external visual identity consultant and to participate in the task force. Bakker made an extensive analysis of the visual identity, taking into account other ongoing projects such as the upcoming ‘digital publication platform’, advised the communication department and wrote a briefing for a design agency.

Huisstijlen (Visual Identity), a new reader for the art academy St. Joost

Cover of  the ‘house style’ reader


The research group ‘Visual Rhetoric’ at St. Joost (Breda) publishes an extensive series of readers about visual design. Each reader is compiled by a subject matter specialist. Wibo Bakker made the reader about Visual Identity. He selected and annotated (in Dutch) six articles that serve as an introduction to the history of this field. St. Joost sells the reader for a small price. Due to copyright regulations it is only available to students of Dutch colleges.